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When you are not feeling well, you make an appointment with a doctor you trust. You do not ask about the cost beforehand because what is important is getting the best care. So why choose LASIK vision correction surgery based on price alone?

Our vision is precious, and it makes sense to put as much thought and careful planning into LASIK vision correction surgery as we do our bodily health or even car repair. Tens of thousands of individuals in Dallas and across the United States think so. That is why they choose Dr. Harvey Carter, one of the top LASIK surgeons in the country. For more than 20 years, Dr. Carter has delivered the most advanced eye surgery in Dallas, Texas, offering his patients comprehensive and advanced vision correction solutions.

Dr. Carter was the first FDA Investigator in North Texas to perform LASIK, the first surgeon in North Texas to perform Conductive Keratoplasty (CK), and the first surgeon in the United States to perform Crystalens surgery. In 1996, Dr. Carter was invited to join a select group of internationally known physicians as a core investigator in the American LASIK Study sponsored by the International Society for Refractive Surgery.  His consistent involvement in vision correction research and innovative surgical technologies are proof that he and his professional vision care team are committed to the health of your eyes and the outcome of your vision correction surgery.

Since January 1986, when Dr. Carter founded the Carter Eye Center to meet the eye care needs of Dallas and North Texas residents, he has been helping vision correction patients focus on the important things in life, with the assistance of his talented, handpicked team of vision care professionals:

At Carter Eye Care, our goal is to provide comprehensive vision correction and eye care with a caring attitude for the best vision care experience and optimum results.

To learn more about Carter Eye Care in Dallas, Texas, please contact us to schedule your private, no-cost eye care consultation.


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